Cultural Change

We believe that unless organisational culture is explicitly developed, then organisations will have “culture by default”.

Team Building

We believe the building blocks required to create optimal team performance need to be defined, managed and monitored.

Leadership Development

We believe that leadership is not learned in a classroom and that it is learned on the job. 

Executive Coaching

We believe that high performing cultures arise from developing high performance individuals.

Aligning Culture and People

Organisational culture reflects how people have learned to behave within an organisation in order to get along and get ahead.  The messages they pick up can be subtle or overt, as depicted by the model below.

Source: Quantum Management Indicators

Therefore to successfully make sustainable cultural change, at QL Management Consultants we approach organisational culture from various different levels, including looking at values, beliefs and behaviours, organisational structure and strategic HR strategy.

QL Management Consultants’ approach to cultural change comprises three phases:

  1. Developing the strategic Culture Blueprint;
  2. Facilitating the Culture Change Process and roll-out;
  3. Managing and maintaining the desired Culture;

Phase 1 of our approach includes:

  • Surveying and benchmarking the current Culture, defining the characteristics of the desired Culture and reviewing the organisational Values and levels of employee engagement. This stage clearly defines the elements impacting upon and shaping the current culture from both a tangible and intangible perspective. 
  • Once QL Management Consultants has identified the drivers required to bridge the gaps between where you want to be and where you are currently, we work with you to develop a blueprint of positive cultural change.
  • The blueprint we develop will provide well defined strategies of how to empower your people and develop your leaders, so they can facilitate the changes required.
  • The blueprint also provides a comprehensive capability framework that describes the leadership capabilities your organisation needs at each layer of management. The capabilities framework will define the leadership behaviours required to model the attributes of your desired culture and will identify tangible performance measures that are directly linked to your Vision, Values and Brand promise.
  • Your cultural change blueprint also provides a template for developing your people strategy in relation to succession planning, talent management, recruitment and selection and performance management.
  • Once we deliver these to your business, you have a strong foundation to move forward and achieve the business goals that have been set.
  • At this point QL Management Consultants is ready to work with you in delivering the outcomes of the blueprint through developing the capabilities of your people and fine tuning strategic HR systems and processes to attract, develop and retain the best talent for your business.
  • Our interventions have lead to increases in employee engagement, enhanced customer satisfaction, increased productivity and more effective leaders with the capabilities to deliver on the Brand promise.

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