Cultural Change

We believe that unless organisational culture is explicitly developed, then organisations will have “culture by default”.

Team Building

We believe the building blocks required to create optimal team performance need to be defined, managed and monitored.

Leadership Development

We believe that leadership is not learned in a classroom and that it is learned on the job. 

Executive Coaching

We believe that high performing cultures arise from developing high performance individuals.

Organisational Development Perth

Developing People Strategy

If your company aspires to levels of excellence beyond the reach of your competitors, then we can help develop the people strategies to achieve that through organisational development.  At QL Management Consultants we believe that in order to create a sustainable competitive advantage, a strong focus on building human capital is crucial.  Employees are the depositories of a company’s ideas, attitudes and behaviours and are the drivers of relationships both internally and externally.  Based on our experience, the scarce resource these days is not customers but great employees!  

Our strategic organisational development interventions focus on creating a workforce that delivers unique business success that will be difficult for competitors to imitate.  The people blueprint we create will be customized to deliver the long term vision for your business and will offer immediate tangible value to business performance.  The broad approach we take in developing people strategy is depicted below:

People Strategy Model

Organisational Development Perth

To create a uniquely differentiated business that can attract and retain top talent, we believe organisation’s need to deliver on the psychological contract they make when advertising and promoting their brand.

 One of the first stages of our approach to strategic people strategy development therefore is to assist companies define their unique employee offering by developing a compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP).  The EVP reflects the organisational vision and values and creates the point of difference that sets leading companies apart from their competitors.

At QL Management Consultants we also work closely with our clients to audit and review human resource strategy, systems and practices to uncover misalignment between “what is being promised and what is actually being practiced”.  In this regard we work hard to translate the “talk and aspirations” of a business into the “walk and what is authentically being delivered”.

The translation of “talk” to “walk” becomes embedded in our people development blueprint and forms the stepping stones to delivering a workforce optimization framework which provides a compelling point of difference. 

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QL has worked with diverse industry sectors ranging from engineering, construction, IT, project management, oil and gas, mining, legal and public administration.

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