Cultural Change

We believe that unless organisational culture is explicitly developed, then organisations will have “culture by default”.

Team Building

We believe the building blocks required to create optimal team performance need to be defined, managed and monitored.

Leadership Development

We believe that leadership is not learned in a classroom and that it is learned on the job. 

Executive Coaching

We believe that high performing cultures arise from developing high performance individuals.

Staff Development Perth

Individual Development

Our high performance staff development coaching approach helps our clients to understand and know where they are at every step in the coaching process. We help them establish a clear understanding of their performance objectives, exactly what to do, how to do it and when. Our staff development coaching provides clients with a clear roadmap of actions and behaviours that will help them get results fast.

Our staff development techniques are grounded in cognitive behavioural sciences that transcend more traditional coaching; therefore we are able to take our coaching clients to higher levels of performance. Our coaching models help our clients break through their self limiting beliefs, reduce their procrastination, and build confidence in setting stretch goals and engaging others in achieving team goals.

Success indicators that have been achieved by our clients include:

  • Transformation of their professional relationships internally and with clients;
  • Enhanced capacity to effectively influence staff and build stronger teams;
  • Developed skills to communicate more effectively in a range of business settings; and
  • Became better equipped to achieve business goals through more effective strategic leadership and planning;
  • Reduced stress and anxiety and enhanced general sense of well being. 

Our approach is to introduce our clients to models of performance excellence and then support them until they integrate these skills into their daily behaviour.

Our clients are more resourceful as a result of our coaching because they have learned how to harness the power of their thoughts and emotions, formulate new positive responses and generate constructive behaviours that create new levels of effectiveness.

Our coaching neutralizes self sabotaging; subconscious patterns that are no longer useful and helps realign our clients with their personal and business goals and core values.

We have also helped clients more effectively manage change, recognize and seize new business opportunities, effectively facilitate employee engagement and actively manage staff and team development.

We also use various personality profiles and assessments if we believe that this will enhance the coaching process and provide greater insights to the coaching client.

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Team Development

Our approach to developing high performing teams is depicted in the model below and highlights the 5 stages we believe are critical to creating teams that out-perform others.

Staff Development Perth

Our research identifies that highly performing teams have a strong sense of team purpose and a clear understanding of the goals that they are jointly responsible for delivering.  High performing teams also have established ground rules about team behaviours, how problems are addressed and each individual team member has a clear understanding about how they contribute to the overall success of the team.  Team members actively seek to develop their individual skills to support the team goals and the team has a very open and honest communication system that ensures everyone in the team, has the information they require.

Out team development approach includes profiling team members so that each team member has a very clear roadmap which describes their own work preference and how they like to gather, process and deliver information, what their communication style is like and how they relate to others, what process they follow in relation to making decisions and how they organise themselves and others when it comes to planning and delivering work outputs.

We then use these roadmaps in team building workshops so that team members can “re-introduce themselves” to each other using the insights they have gained about themselves and to learn more about their team members.  Once the team has clarity about their composition they are then ready and able to more effectively develop team operating principles such as team ground rules, team values and defining the higher level team purpose.  Team members are also better placed to understand and self manage team dynamics and establish highly effective internal team communication strategies. 

Our experience in developing high performance teams has resulted in teams:

  • Delivering outputs more efficiently and at higher quality levels ;
  • Achieving greater innovation and creativity;
  • Reducing team turn-over and creating a positive team sub-culture;
  • Improving customer satisfaction;

Leadership Development

When we work with organisations who want to enhance their overall profitability, efficiency and effectiveness, our blueprint for change includes a comprehensive leadership capability framework that clearly links all leadership development strategies with the overall blueprint for transforming organisational performance.  The model below describes our approach to leadership development:

Staff Development Perth

QL Management Consultant’s leadership development activities are customised to suit individual and organisational needs.  The leadership programs we develop focus on aligning leaders’ performance against capabilities that support the organisation’s vision, values and brand.  This in turn provides a clear pathway for individuals to understand how they are contributing to the overall success of the business, including tangible and intangible success factors such as staff engagement, high morale, talent attraction and staff retention.

The focus of QL Management Consultant’s leadership development process is on behavioural change.  The first stage of this development involves leaders gaining greater insight to the perception of others, in relation to their effectiveness as leaders. 

This insight is gained by receiving feedback on a number of critical leadership competencies which include:

  • how successful leaders are at engaging and building the capacity of their team,
  • how effective they are in building strategically important relationships with customers and other important business contacts,
  • the clarity leaders provide in setting a direction for their team, developing strategies for successful implementation and providing the resources required to achieve results; and
  • the leaders’ authenticity so that others would like to follow.

The second stage of leadership development involves customised workshops to further explore the contemporary world of leadership and to commence a process of developing high performance mindsets for leadership excellence.

A critical third component of QL Management Consultant’s leadership development approach includes designing customised individual development plans for each leader through a process of one-on-one coaching. This becomes the roadmap for personal development and on-the-job learning. Our executive coaching approach is highly effective and regularly achieves positive transformational change which benefits both the organisation and the individual.

QL has worked with diverse industry sectors ranging from engineering, construction, IT, project management, oil and gas, mining, legal and public administration.

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