Cultural Change

We believe that unless organisational culture is explicitly developed, then organisations will have “culture by default”.

Team Building

We believe the building blocks required to create optimal team performance need to be defined, managed and monitored.

Leadership Development

We believe that leadership is not learned in a classroom and that it is learned on the job. 

Executive Coaching

We believe that high performing cultures arise from developing high performance individuals.

Surveys & Assessments

Our surveying tools:

Individual profiling

  • We use various 360 degree behavioural surveys to identify strengths and developmental opportunities for individuals in leadership roles.
  • Personality profiles are useful to highlight individual character strengths and to provide insight to how different personality types prefer to interact with others;
  • Work preference profiles are valuable for identifying an individual’s “natural” and preferred way of organising themselves at work.  This is valuable insight particularly in team environments where various “different working styles” might be operating!
  • We can also survey to identify individual’s readiness for engaging in change activities, their risk orientation and their personal values and how these align with corporate values.

Team profiling

  • We can undertake profiling as part of a simulated problem solving exercise to assess team dynamics and the various communication styles and decision making approaches used;
  • We can profile teams to identify whether all the key success factors required to create high performing teams currently exist.  If there are gaps then we can work with teams to bridge those gaps;

Cultural profiling

  • Cultural surveys provide valuable insights to why your organisation may be experiencing low employee engagement, high staff turnover or negative feedback from customers.  Our cultural surveys will assist in targeting and remedying the factors that have been preventing your organisation from reaching business excellence;

What is 360° feedback?

360° feedback describes a process where performance feedback is obtained from an individual’s manager, peers and direct reports, that is, the people who work all around that individual. The main reason for obtaining 360° feedback is to gain insights to leadership effectiveness as perceived by others and to assist in enhancing leadership performance through targeted personal development strategies or training.

At QL Management Consultants we use either “off the shelf” proprietary 360° feedback surveys which are usually completed on-line or we design and develop customised surveys which are conducted by interview with each of the nominated respondents, who have been selected by the person who is receiving the 360° feedback.

What is a Personality Profile?

Personality profiling helps explain why different people respond to situations, tasks and opportunities in completely different ways.  When individuals work in team environments or are being groomed for future career opportunities it is important to understand what their natural tendencies are, so that they can achieve optimum performance using their natural “hard-wired” talents.

Personality profiling therefore explains why certain people are passive while others are assertive, why some are impulsive while others prefer to methodically plan, why some are more creative and others are more analytical or why some people are detailed while others only see the big picture.

At QL Management Consultants we use personality profiling to support individual development programs and to also provide valuable information for team development.

What is a Culture Survey?

This is a “whole system” approach to organisational change.  Cultural surveys usually involve seeking feedback from all employees on a range of important factors that they have observed, experienced or have been told are “fundamental truths” about how things are done around the organisation.  The value of surveying an organisation’s culture is that it often uncovers deeply held beliefs and historical myths which could be obstacles to future success.

At QL Management Consultants we work closely with the CEO and executive team to define the characteristics of the preferred culture and we develop a comprehensive blueprint for action that will move your organisation beyond its current level of performance.  

Our profiling and surveying partners have international recognition and their proprietary assessment tools are highly valid and reliable. Our partners include Human Synergistics International; Barrett Values Centre and Team Management Systems, amongst others.

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