Cultural Change

We believe that unless organisational culture is explicitly developed, then organisations will have “culture by default”.

Team Building

We believe the building blocks required to create optimal team performance need to be defined, managed and monitored.

Leadership Development

We believe that leadership is not learned in a classroom and that it is learned on the job. 

Executive Coaching

We believe that high performing cultures arise from developing high performance individuals.

Team Development Perth

Team Leadership Development: Driving Exponential Performance

We believe high performance teams rarely develop naturally and the building blocks required to create optimal team performance needs to be defined, managed and monitored. By transforming the way team members think and act through team development will inevitably lead to a culture of trust, innovation, collaboration and pursuit of excellence.

Team Development Perth

Our approach to high performing team development is:

  • Clearly defining the high level team goals and outcomes that underpin the team’s purpose;
  • Identifying the unique work preferences that highlight how team members best like to work and how they contribute to the team;
  • Developing a blueprint for the communication styles of the team to ensure messages are effectively transmitted and received;
  • Establishing the ground rules to define the individual and collective accountabilities of the team;
  • Setting a course of action to refocus the team for high performance;

The results team leadership development delivers include:

  • Superior business results;
  • Motivated teams aligned with the organisational vision;
  • Development of a strong culture of high achievement;

QL has worked with diverse industry sectors ranging from engineering, construction, IT, project management, oil and gas, mining, legal and public administration.

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