Our consultancy provides bespoke interventions to drive cultural change, facilitate innovative ways of working and develop and retain talent.

Our Consulting Services

Cultural Change

... is a journey that values the past, leverages off current strengths and identifies future possibilities. To change also means letting go of old habits and committing to new behaviours and ways of thinking.
Our approach to cultural change is to understand the operating environment and levers for change, create a vision for the future and develop the internal capabilities to facilitate new ways of thinking, leading and managing.

Through this process, exciting possibilities are identified and innovative breakthroughs happen.

Staff engagement, productivity and retention goes up, dysfunctional behaviours, poor morale and grievances go down.

The culture gradually transforms to an environment where staff promote their organisation as an employer of choice, give discretionary effort as a matter of course and excel in delivering great service.

Talent Management

...is a strategic intention that differentiates industry leaders from their competitors and builds brand recognition as an employer of choice. Talent management creates a competitive advantage by planning for the future, identifying key roles and capabilities required for high level business performance and building internal capabilities to ensure success.

Our approach involves identifying strategic leadership roles, assessing and developing internal talent, developing targeted recruitment strategies to bridge capability gaps, and establishing on-going support structures to monitor performance.

We have expertise in developing leadership capability frameworks, undertaking diagnostics to identify potential and experience in designing and delivering a wide range of leadership development programs.

Business Process Improvement

Our facilitation techniques encourage new ways of thinking, challenge existing paradigms and invite exploration of exciting new ways to deliver services.
We are experts in strategic HR strategy development, designing new approaches to job design, staff recruitment and workforce planning.

Our approach stimulates creative thinking, motivates staff to be bold and brave in reshaping systems and processes and creates an appetite for positive change.