Mentor coaching provides targeted feedback and support to coaches who are looking to enhance their coaching skills against the ICF competencies, either for credentialing purposes or as part of their ongoing coaching skills development.

Mentor Coaching

Benefits of Mentor Coaching

Mentor Coaching assists coaches to reflect on their coaching skills, build their technical expertise against international coaching standards and fast tracks coaching effectiveness.

For coaches seeking an ICF Credential, mentor coaching facilitates the credentialing process through close examination of coaching skills against the ICF Competency framework. Mentor coaching fast tracks skills development and builds confidence for novice coaches, in addition to providing an avenue for on-going professional development.

Mentor coaching is focused and targeted to building individual’s coaching skills and provides a reflective space to enhance coaching capabilities.

Structure for Mentor Coaching

Individual mentoring and reflective practice for on-going coaching skills development includes the following options:

  • Submit a recorded coaching session for assessment and/or feedback. 

  • For those coaches not seeking an ICF credential the purpose of the recording is to hone coaching approaches, expand the coaching toolkit and gain greater awareness of own coaching presence and style;

  • For ICF credentialing the recorded session will be assessed against the ICF Marker framework. 

  • Mentor listens to the recording and prepares feedback for next mentoring session.

  • On-going mentoring will focus on agreed areas of development using the ICF competency framework as a guide.

  • Establishment of an ongoing reflective practice including journaling to support on-going skills development.

Value Add Resources

All Mentees will also benefit from additional resources provided such as templates, forms, draft coaching contracts and relevant articles to support the delivery of a professional coaching practice.