Individual coaching is a targeted professional development experience. It is a series of one-on-one learning conversations that lead to personal transformation and accelerated professional development. The coaching takes into account the organisational context, the individual’s job role and performance expectations, along with personal goals and aspirations. Goals are set taking into account the full spectrum of needs and aspirations.

Individual Organisational Coaching

Different Areas of Coaching

  • C-Suit coaching – working with accomplished executives who require support to meet the pressures and challenges of their roles. The coaching often focuses on interpersonal effectiveness, building high-performance teams and facilitating behavioural change to enhance leadership capabilities.

  • Transition coaching – our coaching supports individuals that are transitioning out of senior roles and want to leave a positive legacy of skills and knowledge transfer, prior to exiting the organisation. Transition coaching helps maintain motivation and a positive mindset during a period of “letting go” and personal re-invention

  • Talent Management coaching – supports high potential individuals to develop the leadership skills and capabilities required to assume more senior roles. The coaching either focuses on developing specific competencies required for key organisational roles or is aligned to a more general leadership capability framework.

Business Outcomes for Individual Coaching

Our coaches deliver a range of outcomes that ensure:

  • Improved self-awareness of leadership styles and impact, resulting in improved performance and greater staff engagement

  • Successful transition of key employees to the next level of performance

  • Retention of high potential employees through targeted development

  • Awareness of “blind spots” in role execution in relation to communication style, attitude, emotional maturity, or values misalignment

  • Personal resilience in managing change and dealing with uncertainty

  • Improved performance in critical roles, that leads to increased productivity, improved staff morale, and better business results

  • Reversal of under-performance and improved accountability for personal effectiveness