Team coaching facilitates the development of a common purpose and shared approach to achieving performance goals for teams. It assists teams develop ways to effectively meet and communicate and ensure alignment of team activities to meet stakeholder expectations. Team coaching builds high-performance teams where inter-dependencies, team priorities and accountabilities are fully understood.

Team Coaching

Business Outcomes from Team Coaching

  • Team coaching builds trust, raises team morale and improves team communication

  • Team members have a clear and shared understanding of what they are trying to achieve together and what are the team priorities

  • Teams are more productive and better equipped to achieve business goals and meet the needs of their stakeholders/customers

  • Teams are able to have open dialogue about difficult topics and are skilled at managing conflict

  • Team members are more willing to challenge assumptions and old paradigms of thinking

  • Individuals and the team as a collective continually learn and develop throughout the coaching

Structure for Team Coaching

Our approach to team coaching generally follows these stages:

  • Initial team analysis of challenges and expectations

  • Clarifying workshop to determine team purpose, key stakeholders, success measures and time horizons

  • A series of team coaching sessions over a 6-12-month period to develop learning processes, generate open dialogue, agree on roles and responsibilities and progressively evaluate interventions and achievements