Our in-house workshops focus on developing leaders, enhancing workplace relationships, improving communications and creating high-performance teams.


Leadership Development – This program helps develop the potential of organisational leaders. It provides insight to the most effective leadership styles, identifies areas of personal growth and provides a professional development plan to build leadership capabilities

Effective Workplace Relations – This program identifies the different ways individuals like to organise themselves at work and provides valuable insights on how to more effectively build workplace relationships. It provides tools and techniques on how to better deliver messages and how to quickly establish rapport by matching different learning styles.

Developing High-Performance Teams – This program facilitates the development of trust and open communication amongst team members. It explores models associated with the development of high-performance teams and provides participants with experiential learning of techniques that they can implement immediately.

Leadership Development

This program provides new and established leaders with a practical understanding of leadership theory and how to motivate and engage others.

Participants will:

  • Obtain their own 360-degree feedback that identifies their leadership strengths and areas for development

  • Engage in self-reflective exercises to uncover blind-spots, acknowledge strengths and explore new opportunities for personal and professional growth

  • Share case-studies and personal experiences to identify the characteristics of effective leadership

  • Understand the behaviours required to build their leadership capabilities

  • Produce an action plan for their own growth and development as a leader

Skills Development

Learning outcomes include:

  • How to lift own current performance and how to prepare for future leadership roles

  • Techniques to engage and motivate staff

  • Strategies to communicate more effectively

  • How to facilitate better decision making

Effective Workplace Relationships

This program introduces participants to easy to understand concepts, explaining how people like to gather and receive information, how they like to make decisions and how this impacts workplace relationships.

Participants will:

  • Obtain their profile that identifies their preferred style of working, the way they organize information and how they like to communicate

  • Gain an appreciation of the different ways people work and interpret information and understand the strengths of each different style

  • Practice different techniques to build personal effectiveness when working with others

  • Understand how to leverage personal strengths and the strengths of others

Skills Development

Learning outcomes include:

  • How to build productive workplace relationships and reduce interpersonal tensions and conflict

  • Techniques to quickly build rapport and engage with others 

  • How to deliver clear messages that suit a particular audience

Developing High-Performance Teams

This program targets “in-tact” teams that are striving for high-performance. How to build a strong team culture, get team buy-in and create a safe environment to challenge team norms are explored and practiced.

Participants will:

  • Assess their team against high performance criteria and reach consensus on the key areas requiring development

  • Understand the critical factors that facilitate team engagement, collaboration and inter-dependence

  • Practice building trust, identifying team goals and agreeing on protocols to hold each other to account for team deliverables

Skills Development

Learning outcomes include:

  • How to build a high-performance team culture

  • Strategies to ensure the team is focused, aligned and committed

  • Skills to communicate more effectively, including providing feedback on team performance

Coaching Skills for Managers

This program has been designed for managers and supervisors who want to take a coaching approach when reviewing performance and developing staff.

Participants will:

  • Learn the difference between coaching, managing and training 

  • Understand the benefits of taking a coaching approach when developing staff

  • Learn powerful questioning techniques based on credible tools and models

  • Practice different techniques to build coaching skills and effectiveness

Skills Development

Learning outcomes include:

  • How to develop staff to improve performance and gain commitment

  • How to build trust, engage and motivate others 

  • How to build a high-performance team