Delivering high-quality recruitment support for executive roles within the WA Public Sector

Executive Recruitment Support

For WA Public Sector Level 9 and above

Ready to recruit for an executive role within your WA Public Sector agency?

It can be downright frustrating to know who’s capable, let alone the faultless answer for the all-important executive role.

Luckily, there’s a HR consultancy who are committed to delivering quality results to secure the best talent.

Here at QL Management Consultants, we have extensive, results-backed experience in executive recruitment within the WA Public Sector. Clients know and trust in our strong reputation for innovative, creative and customer-focused recruitment approaches. This has ultimately led to numerous referrals from senior executives from agencies seeking out our specialised services.

Frequently, our team are required to provide executive recruitment support which starts with pre-recruitment planning and advice.

How We Help

  • Gaining an appreciation of the challenges of the advertised roles
  • Understanding and outlining desired candidate capabilitie
  • Drafting job advertisements and designing selection processes
  • Ensuring expectations of the roles are clearly articulated in the advertisement
  • Taking enquiries from potential applicants and accurately describing the requirements of the roles.

During the pre-recruitment phase, we play an active role in researching job requirements and key deliverables. This research is then translated into the content of the job advertisements.

We have extensive experience in:

  • Providing psychometric profiling of candidates using various proprietary tools
  • Active engagement with panel chairs, promoting different assessment techniques that extend past standard question and answer approaches
  • Developing targeted assessments, involving scenarios, case studies and pre-interview activities
  • Robust and targeted approaches outlining direct responsibilities and requirements of the roles.
  • All of our consultants produce prompt and accurate turnaround of selection reports.

Who We Have Helped

On a regular basis, QL Management Consultants provide executive recruitment services to a wide range of clientele.

We have helped:

  • WA Police Force
  • WA Country Health Service
  • North Metropolitan Health Service
  • Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
  • Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
  • Among many other professional agencies within the WA Public Sector.

We also provide constructive and transparent feedback to candidates.

Why? Because we understand the emotional investment it takes when applying for senior positions. This is why we provide meaningful and respectful feedback, aimed to assist the future endeavours of candidates.

In fact, our consultants are often complimented on the quality of the feedback given.

Need assistance filling an executive role? QL Management Consultants utilise the perfect blend of experience and innovative HR methods to ensure the right fit to the right role.

Get in touch today to further explore our executive recruitment services.