Ready to attract the right person to your agency? Unsure how to draft successful job designs and classifications? We’re here to help.

Job Design and Classification

Targeted to Help the WA Public Sector

Ready to attract the right person to your agency? Unsure how to draft successful job designs and classifications? We’re here to help.

Here at QL Management Consultants, we have extensive experience in job design and classification. With all our consultants combined, we bring a collective work history of over 50 years.

Working with large, complex and central agencies, our consultants provide advice and support to a wide range of clients within the WA public sector.

On any given day, clients gain industry-tailored advice on renumeration/classification levels for senior executive staff and level 1-8 employees.

Ready to attract and retain the right talent for your team?

QL Management Consultants have the job design and organisation restructuring skillset and experience the WA Public Sector consistently relies upon.

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A Broad Client Base

Our job design and classification HR consultants have had the privilege to work on a broad portfolio of industrial coverage.

Some job design and classification highlights include:

  • TAFE lecturers employed under the TAFE Lecturer’s Workplace Agreement
  • Workshop employees under the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU)
  • Operational fire personnel covered by the United Firefighters Union
  • Public servants covered by the Civil Service Association (CSA).

QL Management Consultant Proficiencies

All QL Management Consultants tasked and trusted to job design and classification are skilled in assessments and classification procedures.

These include the BI/PERS Assessment required for classification of Public Service Officer positions and approved procedure compliance.

How We Help

The creation of new divisions within the WA Public Sector are sometimes necessary to align a specialised team with a finetuned focus.

Our HR policy and procedures experts have time and time again been tasked with the review and establishment of new roles within diverse WA agencies.

This includes:

  • Reviewing internal documentation and newly drafted job descriptions
  • Interviewing key internal stakeholders
  • Sourcing internal and external comparative job descriptions to analyse work requirements, benchmark level, responsibilities and skill requirements
  • Classification report preparation to provide context and justify requirements for the new roles, outlining proposed positions

We also undertake reclassification reviews, and have done so for notable WA Public Sector Commission clients.
Need a helping hand to create successful job designs and classification?

QL Management Consultants provide the solutions you seek to create a high-performing team and a positive workplace culture.

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Who We Have Helped

Plenty of WA Public Sector agencies have sought out our expertise in job design and organisation restructuring

Explore a handful of our happy, repeat clients:

  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services
  • Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation
  • Department of Health
  • North Metropolitan Health Service
  • WA Police Force.

We enjoy crafting professional job designs and classifications to attract the right people to the right roles.