Delivering high-quality recruitment support for non-executive roles within the WA Public Sector

Non-Executive Recruitment Support

For WA Public Sector Levels 1-8

Looking to fill non-executive roles within your WA Public Sector agency?

Finding the perfect candidates for government roles can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, you can start right here.

For over 22 years, we have delivered high-quality recruitment support for non-executive roles within the WA Public Sector. 

We are able to do so by developing close business relationships with our clients. This honest and transparent approach allows our team of HR consultants to fully understand the role requirements and tailor our services to meet client expectations.

Attracting and Retaining Talent within the WA Public Sector

Leading Providers in Non-Executive Recruitment Support

Our high-performing team of senior recruitment consultants are what make QL Management Consultants leading providers in non-executive recruitment support.

80 years in combined experience is our collective work history and experience.

You can rest assured knowing your recruitment support is in good hands, as all QL Management Consultants have held senior management positions within the WA Public Sector or Australian Public Service.

Consultant experience has included having the privileged opportunity of becoming project leads for select government recruitment reform and large-scale organisational restructuring.

All recruitment services provided by our team promote greater efficiency and cost effectiveness, and of course, the attraction and retention of talent.

An Agile Approach
Paving the Way for Professional Public Sector Recruitment

We’ve adopted an agile approach to non-executive recruitment and continuously seek out new and creative ways to design and manage recruitment processes.

Designing bespoke recruitment strategies for large and small public sector agencies is just one of the services we do best.

When only the highest calibre of candidates will do – our team will make it happen. We’re known for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

How? Through expertly considered, role-specific and practical attraction and assessment approaches. But that’s not all, our services extend to coaching and mentoring panels on best practice recruitment and selection.

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We transparently raise customer awareness on different ways to approach attraction, assessment and retention of talent and continue to support government agencies through our tailored, strategic recruitment advice.

How We Help

Services related to recruitment support and HR policy/procedures are what we’re known for.

Explore how we help:

  • Through end-to-end planning, development and delivery of recruitment processes for new organisational structures, newly established teams, large-scale recruitment pools and individual job roles.
  • Utilising a superior skillset and backed experience to successfully fill a range of roles, classifications and professional categories.

Recruitment support,
for when you need it most.

Who We Have Helped

  • Department of Health and multiple Health Service Providers
  • Department of Water and Environmental Regulation
  • Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development
  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
  • Department of Fire and Emergency Services

The above is merely a snapshot WA Public Sector clients who have sought out and benefited from our non-executive recruitment services.