Enhancing organisational performance through people development

Leading the way in job design for the WA Public Sector

Transparent and skillful HR reviews

Finding the right roles for the right people

Achieving excellence within the WA Public Sector

Leading the way in the WA Public Sector

Contemporary, customer focused consulting

As trusted experts in HR consultancy and recruitment support in the Western Australian (WA) Public Sector, we offer high-level, credible and reliable investigation consultancy services.

We are specialists in supporting workplace behavioural change, with skills in identifying, attracting and developing leaders, building high-performing teams, creating positive workplace cultures and facilitating group sessions that provide a clear vision for the future.

Our services are tailored to client needs and always underpinned by strategic, innovative ways of working and proven methods to develop and retain talent.

HR Investigations and Reviews

Seeking a specialist to handle your team’s HR investigations and reviews?

The solution you seek lies right here with our consultants.

Utilising high-level transparent and tested techniques, we guarantee HR investigations and reviews finetuned to your organisational requirements.

Job Design and Classification

Are you struggling to attract and retain the right talent for your role?

QL Management Consultants are here to help.

Our consultants’ collective experience in job design and classification determination totals over 50 years. So, when it comes to strategically reviewing and drafting contemporary job descriptions and undertaking classification determinations, you can rely on our highly-trained consultants.

Recruitment Support

Need reliable and transparent recruitment support?

At QL Management Consultants, we have the experience, drive and time to support you in filling executive and non-executive roles.

When only the highest calibre of candidates will do – our team will make it happen. We’re well-known for meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Working together to achieve organisational excellence

For 22 years and counting, our consultants have serviced a broad range of WA Public Sector clientele, made possible by a strong brand and trustworthy reputation.

Behind QL Management Consultants is a dedicated and driven team of real people working hard to create results you need to succeed. All our consultants have valuable experience within reputable governmental roles in the past.