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within the WA Public Sector

About QL Management Consultants

QL Management Consultants was established and commenced trading in 1998, and have become a leading Perth provider in job design and classification, HR reviews and coaching.

For 22 years and counting, our consultants have serviced a broad range of WA Public Sector clientele, made possible by a strong brand and trustworthy reputation.

As a highly reliable service provider, our very experienced team, has established strong professional working relationships with clients who hire us for all their HR needs. Many of these clients are senior public sector executives and HR professionals like most of us once were.

Some clients who have left their roles in government have been approached and recruited into our own company.

Specialists in behavioural change, with skills in developing leaders, building high-performing teams, creating positive workplace cultures and facilitating group sessions that provide a vision for the future.

Your trusted consulting company

Our team is small, but incredibly mighty, with combined knowledge and experience of the WA Public Sector in HR and IR totalling 160 years.

Based on this in-depth knowledge of the WA Public Sector, QL Management Consultants can be found on the Common Use Agreement (CUA) for the following services:

  • Category 1 – HR Investigation Services
  • Category 2 – Job Design & Classification Services
  • Category 3 – Recruitment Services for Levels 1 to 8
  • Category 4 – Executive Recruitment Services (Non-Mandatory)

We can make a significant impact on the level of service delivery for our clients in these categories.

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